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  • International transportation services for sailboat
  • We can handle boats of all types and sizes - from small power boats to large yachts, whether on trailer or not!
  • Various over-sized yachts shipped via ro-ro service from USA overseas. USAC International handled every aspect of shipping process, from negotiation and pick up to shrink-wrapping, cradle construction and overseas transport!
  • We also provide international transportation services for RVs motorhomes fifth wheel trailers. Our roll-on roll off and flat rack rates are hard to beat!
  • Oversized yacht transportation services, including pick up, delivery, shrink-wrap, cradle, export paperwork and shipping
  • We offer international transportation services for all types of heavy machinery, forestry, agricultural machinery, including cranes, bulldozers, pavers, scrapers, combines, forklifts tractors etc.
  • Sailboat transport is our specialty too - from pickup, cradle, mast packing to shrink-wrapping and port delivery, we can handle it all!

International Transportation:

International shipping of boats, yachts, sailboats, as well as RVs, vehicles and machinery is our specialty. We provide customized transport solutions (door to port, water to water) for all types of high and heavy, POV and project cargoes.

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International boat transportation services

Finding a reliable international boat transport company is not easy. There are many boat shipping companies that can transport your boat overseas, which one to choose?.. Are you getting the best price on boat shipping?.. How about boat pickup and delivery, marine insurance?..

USAC International Shipping provides reliable, efficient transportation services for boats, yachts, sailboats, motorboats, with frequent departures from major US ports to all major destinations overseas.

Whether you need international boat transport, oversized yacht shipping, transportation of a sailboat overseas, cradle construction, marine shipping insurance, you can always count on USAC International , your boat transport company with a price package and transport solutions designed to fit your needs and budget.

USAC offers a wide range of boat transportation services and shipping options to our customers. Some of the most common types of the boat shipping services are: containerized boat shipping; Roll-on / Roll-off (RO/RO) boat shipping (enclosed or on the deck); flatrack boat transport; bulk boat shipping; specialty boat transport services (boat pick up and delivery, escort services, cradle construction, shrink-wrapping, arch removal, storage needs, crane services, etc). Our boat shipping services include, but are not limited to shipping to the following destinations: Europe (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France and United Kingdom); Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt); Russia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Far East, South America and many other destinations.

The most common option in international boat shipping is RO/RO, which stands for Roll-On/Roll-Off service and basically means that your boat will be "rolled on" the ship at the port of origin in USA and "rolled off" at the port of destination overseas. The boat must be on a towable trailer. If there is no trailer, a shipping cradle will have to be constructed at the port of departure. After the boat is placed on a cradle, it will be loaded on a mafi trailer and towed on to the vessel. Usually cradles and mafis add 3-4 ft to the overall height, so height restrictions will apply (the boat must sit low enough to fit under the vessel’s deck). Boat’s height can be reduced by removing / lowering the arches, radars, towers etc; this will also reduce the overall volume and shipping costs.

Another popular option is containerized boat shipping. Ocean containers can fit a boat up to 7’8” wide, 8’10” tall. If boat’s width exceeds 7’8”, we can offer trailer dismantling (fenders, wheels and axle removal), and also container "flipping" (the container is turned sideways in order to accomodate a wider boat).  Please, note that container services are usually less expensive than Ro/Ro, and significant savings can be achieved by utilizing this option.

Oversized boats and yachts can also be shipped on flat rack containers, or shipped via break bulk service, as well as via load on / load off or float on / float off services.

If you are interested in shipping your boat internationally and not sure where to begin or which option to choose, please, complete the online boat shipping quote request form, and our boat shipping specialist to determine the most effective way of shipping your boat overseas.



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