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  • International boat shipping services


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  • International transportation services for sailboat
  • We can handle boats of all types and sizes - from small power boats to large yachts, whether on trailer or not!
  • Various over-sized yachts shipped via ro-ro service from USA overseas. USAC International handled every aspect of shipping process, from negotiation and pick up to shrink-wrapping, cradle construction and overseas transport!
  • We also provide international transportation services for RVs motorhomes fifth wheel trailers. Our roll-on roll off and flat rack rates are hard to beat!
  • Oversized yacht transportation services, including pick up, delivery, shrink-wrap, cradle, export paperwork and shipping
  • We offer international transportation services for all types of heavy machinery, forestry, agricultural machinery, including cranes, bulldozers, pavers, scrapers, combines, forklifts tractors etc.
  • Sailboat transport is our specialty too - from pickup, cradle, mast packing to shrink-wrapping and port delivery, we can handle it all!

International Transportation:

International shipping of boats, yachts, sailboats, as well as RVs, vehicles and machinery is our specialty. We provide customized transport solutions (door to port, water to water) for all types of high and heavy, POV and project cargoes.

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International boat transporters

International boat transportation services

International boat transportation is a very competitive business. How to choose the right boat shipping company to handle the overseas transport of your boat or yacht?

With an extensive experience in all aspects of international boat shipping and transportation, our company delivers customers peace of mind and assurance their boats and yachts are shipped in the safest and most efficient manner. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in all aspects of international boat transportation and logistics, be it communication, pricing or customer service.

We realize that purchasing a boat or yacht overseas is an important decision, and to many an investment that has to pay off. With that in mind, we approach every boat shipment from the investment prospective, ensuring your boat is shipped safely, within your budget and timeframe.

How we do it?.. Our company has partnered with the industry’s leading steamship lines and charters. We provide regular sailings onboard reliable boat carriers from all major US ports to various destination overseas - from Northern Europe and Scandinavia to Mediterranean; from Oceania to Asia; from Middle East to Asia and Africa; from Central to South America.

We are capable of handling boats and yachts of all sizes and shapes, from pleasure watercrafts to serious size yachts and vessels. If your newly purchased boat is located away from the port, we have the ability to arrange inland and / or water delivery using our extensive network of carriers.

We provide an array of other services related to international boat transportation – cradle construction, shrink-wrapping, cleaning, pickup and delivery, storage, as well as marine insurance.

Keeping things simple and clear to our customers is how we do business. At any stage during the shipping process you’ll be able to get a clear idea where your boat is, onboard which vessel it is scheduled to sail, and the estimated time of arrival.


International boat transport quotes

No-nonsense online shipping quote by professionals

In order to ensure accuracy of the transport quote, please fill out the Shipping Quote Request form completely, providing as much information as possible. Make sure to include year, make, model and measurements of the boat or yacht you intend to ship. All shipping quote inquiries are processed immediately upon receipt; please allow up to 24 hours to receive a shipping estimate.

International boat transportation services

Finding a reliable international boat transport company is not easy. There are many boat shipping companies that can transport your boat overseas, which one to choose?.. Are you getting the best price on boat shipping?.. How about boat pickup and delivery, marine insurance?..

USAC International Shipping provides reliable, efficient transportation services for boats, yachts, sailboats, motorboats, with frequent departures from major US ports to all major destinations overseas.

Boat shipping guide

How to save on international boat shipping and minimize transportation costs.

Measurements. When transporting a boat internationally, it is crucial to measure it properly in order to determine the most efficient method of transport, obtain an accurate shipping quote, apply for all required transportation permits, etc. For example, boats exceeding 8’6” in width will require DOT permits in each state; boats over 11 ft wide require special escorts. Height restrictions differ from state to state, that's why it is important for the boat transporter to know the full overall length (LOA), width (beam) and height of your boat in order to safely deliver it to the port.

It is possible to obtain some basic boat measurements from the manufacturer; some websites, such as Nada, provide that information as well, however please note that your actual measurements may be different; in addition, manufacturers' specifications do not provide height information, neither do they estimate dimensions including trailer.

Please follow these guidelines when measuring your boat for overseas shipping: